In short, about Carpatic Climbing Gym.

We are the continuators of Ecran Club, the first climbing wall open to the public in Bucharest, and frankly in the country. Late 2011 we moved to Sema Park, in a new, big and shiny gym, we grew, and now we’re one of the biggest and most well known climbing gyms in  Romania.

Where you can find us? Close to Petrache Poenaru subway station, at Splaiul Independenței 319A.

What we offer at Carpatic?

  • Climbing classes on 10m-high walls and total climbing area of 300sqm, with various inclination angles and levels of difficulty, suitable for top rope or lead climb (details here);
  • Bouldering classes on 5m-high walls, and a climbing area of 300 sqm (biggest of its kind in Romania);
  • Kids climbing parties, with all kinds of activities in close connection to climbing (details here);
  • The climbing wall for kids and starters, with a 3.25m height and a climbing area of 40 sqm.
  • Exercise area, where you can specificially train for climbing and get muscular mass.
  • A team ready to take you from 0-level to expert-level;
  • Team building activities and climbing thematic events.