Climbing courses

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Why take up climbing? Because it makes you a better person. Proven fact. You’ll be more careful, more systematized, more patient. And it makes you look good 🙂

You may be a starter in climbing, or you may already know about climbing techniques, but you want to improve yourself. Either way, the way you practice it, and the correctness of the movements, of the technique and of your climbing training itself are very important for a long term love.

Climbing courses. Costs
1 session 4 sessions 8 sessions 12 sessions
Adults 75 lei 270 lei 425 lei 450 lei
Students 70 lei 260 lei 400 lei 450 lei
Juniors and kids 70 lei 270 lei 350 lei 420 lei

* for the first 2 months of a course, the cost includes full equipment;

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